Authoritative newspaper reports, Olympic champion congratulations, green foal New Year start momentum foot

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Recently, the authoritative influence of “Consumption Daily”, “consumption Quality Daily”, “entrepreneur daily” and other domestic newspapers, reported green ju in the production of electric bicycles, adhere to the quality and performance of the product, carefully create the people’s use of safety and rest assured story, caused a warm response from the society.Green pony has not only been highly recognized by Top Stream TV, but also won the help of the Olympic champion.It’s the Time of the Olympics, and Olympic champions have huge appeal, influence and fans.Green foal hand in hand Olympic gymnastics champion Li Shanshan, synchronized swimming world champion Chen Xiaojun, China short track speed skating champion Li Jianrou recorded a blessing video for green foal power, and quickly in the circle of friends have been widely spread, through the superb operation of celebrity effect, for the brand image image to play a role.Olympic Games is the carnival of the world, but also belongs to the carnival time of young people, is an important carrier for brands to build awareness.Through the joint Olympic champion resources, green Ju not only gets the stepping stone to the dialogue with the young generation Z, but also provides a bonus for the brand image, and can use the champion effect to achieve users’ association with the quality of the product champion, which creates better conditions for the brand to enhance its global influence and develop a larger business territory.With the star Huang Shengyi endorsement, more green foal brand circle countless fans, opened the green foal from the spread of influence into the rapid growth of sales.Huang Shengyi’s first advertising blockbuster was strongly broadcast on CCTV, Hunan SATELLITE TV and Zhejiang SATELLITE TV, the top three streaming satellite TV channels. Taking advantage of the popularity of stars and the influence and guidance of top satellite TV, it strengthened the occupation of the exclusive characteristics of the product in the mind of users, empowered the terminal drainage, so as to realize the transformation from flow to sound volume and then to high sales volume.With nearly 20 years of technology and manufacturing, The Green Pony has emerged as a standout in the highly competitive electric two-wheeler industry.With its own strong industry chain integration ability and its own core manufacturing strength, green Pony accumulates and develops steadily. Through various advertising, green Pony brand ranks among the leaders of the quality of Chinese electric cars and enters the leading position in the industry.Green Pony as China’s electric car quality leader, has been dominating the industry head position.Since 2021, Green Pony has launched a new brand upgrading strategy, paving the way for 2022.Green Foal through high frequency exposure, so that influence and credibility to be further improved, injected into the channel.In 2022, Green Pony will fully launch a new brand upgrading strategy, mainly highlighted in the following three aspects: Green Pony will always adhere to the safety quality into the DNA of enterprise development, become the core driving force of brand development, but also the core engine of its industry leader.Green pony in order to achieve a greater breakthrough, from 2021 green Pony strong start brand strategic upgrade planning.In 2021, huang Shengyi was signed as the spokesperson of the brand, which injected vitality into the brand and ushered in a historic leap in the promotion of brand value.Through in-depth binding with spokespersons, Green Pony enhances the ductility of the topic and enhances users’ awareness of the brand.Green pony hand in hand three top stream TV, open screen three show.First AD large green colts spokesperson in CCTV, hunan TV, zhejiang TV three strong against current TV broadcast, self-producing star, guiding force in the influence of heat and top TV, strengthen the occupation of product exclusive features on the user’s mind, for the terminal drainage can strong fu, so as to realize from the traffic to the sales volume to high conversion.With the strong endorsement of celebrities and Top Stream TV, it not only enhances consumers’ cognition, but also strengthens dealers’ confidence and confidence to win the market and foreshadows a strong start in 2022.2022 is a key year for Green Pony to enter a higher level of development.Through brand building, technology research and development, and strong manufacturing, green Ju not only brings real benefits to dealers, but also provides more consumers with truly safe, safe and secure products.