Hunan focuses on advantageous Industrial chain

2022-05-14 0 By

Changsha, February 15, Xinhua News Agency (reporter Bai Tiantian, Zhou Nan)Since the construction began on the eighth day of the first lunar month, the site of the urban distribution center project of Xujiaqiao Integrated Logistics Park in Yueyang city, Hunan Province, has been bustling with many large construction machines and construction vehicles shuttling back and forth.As the only city near the Yangtze River port in Hunan Province, Yueyang City plans Xujiaqiao Comprehensive Logistics Park as a high-quality modern intelligent logistics industrial park.The park is an important part of the local modern logistics industry chain, with a total investment of 13 billion yuan. It is expected to create 20,000 jobs after completion.Reporters learned that after the Spring Festival, Hunan province will start construction of 1428 major projects with investment of more than 50 million yuan.These major projects are mainly in major industrial chains, scientific and technological innovation, major infrastructure and public services.Zhou Haibing, director of Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that the projects under construction are characterized by large total investment, excellent industrial quality and strong driving ability. They not only give full play to the leading role of government investment, but also strive to stimulate the vitality of private investment, and strive to lay a solid foundation for the steady economic progress and quality improvement of the whole year.Focusing on the advantageous industrial chain, in addition to accelerating the construction of new projects, Hunan also focuses on promoting the “steady growth” of industrial enterprises in the beginning of the New Year, including alleviating the temporary and structural labor difficulties of enterprises through multiple channels, ensuring the employment of enterprises during the Spring Festival and post-Holiday recruitment;Coordinate shortages of key components and raw materials in a timely manner to ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain.A total of 417,000 industrial enterprises in Hunan maintained normal production during the Spring Festival, with the operating rate reaching 70 percent on Feb 7, according to the Hunan Electric Power Company of State Grid.In ningxiang Economic development Zone, Hunan Province, the intelligent production line of Hunan Zhongwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. did not stop during the Spring Festival. On the seventh day of the first lunar month, more than 2,000 employees returned to their posts and the company ramped up production.In the New Year, Hunan put forward the comprehensive implementation of the “chain length system”, to carry out all-round, full chain upgrading of the advantageous industry.Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that this year will promote the construction of “industry + science and technology + finance + talent” development ecology, cultivate a number of “chain main” enterprises, promote upstream and downstream matching, enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain.(after)