Ren Ziwei summed up the Winter Olympics in the middle of the night: China’s short track can always be believed in the “sharp knife of the country”!

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Beijing time on February 17, 2022, the Beijing Olympics, the men’s 5000 m short track speed skating in previous relay, relay name by Wu Dajing in China, all, Sun Long and cb, the Chinese team’s performance in the game is really good, Wu Dajing continuously surpass also let the Chinese team the chance to move on to catch up with.But with 10 laps to go, China’s Sun Long crashed and the Chinese team could only finish fifth.At the end of this competition day, the short track speed skating event of the Winter Olympics is also over!If there was one player who played best in the Games, it was probably Ren Ziwei, who won two gold MEDALS in the games.After the competition, Ren ziwei also summed up his own Winter Olympics on his social media!Winning a gold medal on home soil is the proudest moment of my life, he said.Down-to-earth, pure heart, ascend the peak.I am still a teenager with a golden dream. I believe there will be more wonderful and infinite possibilities in the future.China short road, you can always believe in the “national knife”!This is indeed very moving, in fact, Ren Ziwei could have achieved better results, but you have to know that short track speed skating is a lot of unexpected situations, no one can guarantee to stay at the highest point.Ren Ziwei can get two gold MEDALS in this Winter Olympics, is already a very perfect result!Although the 5000 meter relay race hasn’t been able to get a medal, but these four guys have to do the best, like all said, down-to-earth, fang deng peak, the Chinese short track, is you can always believe in “the knife”, let us together look forward to the next Olympic Games Chinese short track speed skating team can have a better play!!!!