Spring Festival with wine, do not know how to choose food wine?This “baijiu map” may help you

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Guide language: The Spring Festival uses wine, do not know how to choose grain wine?Due to the impact of the epidemic, I almost didn’t drink two glasses of wine during the Spring Festival in the past two years. This Spring Festival, I just came back home, and I had to bring some good wine for my family and friends and get drunk.However, the Chinese New Year gift of liquor is very exquisite, too bad to take the wine, even if buy expensive liquor, also very worried about buying fake wine.There are a lot of people who do not often drink liquor, when buying liquor is more confused, do not know how to choose at all?Nevertheless you can need not worry, white spirit also is to have oneself map actually, individual preference is different, the choice to white spirit is different also, but certain is to want to drink pure grain wine, avoid to buy alcohol to be mixed, like to drink pure grain wine might as well see this “white spirit map”!It might help you a lot with your wine selection this year.* What you like about hard liquor depends on what northerners drink.Once heard a saying: “A southerner can drink a dozen northern men.”For this sentence, I do not agree with, because I found that the more people in Our country to the north, the more they can drink, the degree of white wine in the north is very high, the northeast drink a lot of burning knives, especially strong, the degree of white wine can even reach 67 degrees, commonly known as a meng, almost impossible to see in the south.People can drink a lot of people find jiangsu region, actually otherwise, the people of this region is more suitable for drink of the wine sauce, and low degree slightly, they just slowly sweet taste in liquor, the farther north is cold, and the more they can drink liquor, the south is most drink half a distillation wine, so want to drink strong food, be sure to find north.* Choose pure grain wine, brewing method is more important.Now the liquor label is clearly marked brewing method, so if you really won’t choose food wine, first of all to see its ingredients, completely food without alcohol, are generally pure food wine, and pure food wine is also graded, and each liquor has the corresponding label.The so-called liquid liquor method and solid liquid liquor method, is not pure grain wine at all, can only be said to be alcohol blending, this kind of liquor in this year’s new liquor standards, even can not be called wine, can only be called blended drinks, although this kind of wine packaging gorgeous, but completely impossible to enter.* If you want to drink maotai-flavor liquor, look for them.Like maotai-flavor liquor, in which no which white is pure food wine, might as well take a look at our famous maotai, coordination and xi wine, the wine brands with a long history, and the grade and quality is very high, completely belongs to the category of pure grain liquor, especially maotai, if there is one of economic power, it must be a first choice.Lang wine and Xi wine taste is also very good, and in maotai-flavor liquor is also ranked in the first few, are pure solid fermentation brewing, and the price is quite appropriate, if the family elders like maotai-flavor liquor, then choose the liquor, in these wine, this map of liquor is certainly very useful to you.* Luzhou-flavor liquor, Wuliangye is king.If Maotai is the king of maotai-flavor liquor, then luzhou-flavor liquor must be the first to promote Wuliangye, which is a strong rival to Maotai. Therefore, wuliangye has a scientific formula of five grains, and the traditional brewing method makes Wuliangye more mellow.In particular, Wuliangye riches the world, can be said to be the best gift for the Spring Festival.Luzhou-flavor liquor rich world meaning is very good, because it also has a name called Zhu Jun luck, New Year visit relatives drink gifts.This implied meaning of good wine, drink up the mood is happy, red bottle card corresponding to the Chinese red year.In addition, Sichuan’s ancient road jianghu 1800 wine is also a good pure grain wine, with a degree of 52 degrees, which really makes the mouth soft and sweet, and does not drink the mouth bitter.The only drawback may be that it is too good to drink, so a careless will drink too much, therefore, a lot of people say that it is easy to get drunk, but the Chinese New Year occasionally drunk is also very comfortable.During the Spring Festival, if you don’t know how to choose baijiu, take a look at this map of baijiu, which may give you a different reference to avoid buying fake wine. The Spring Festival will make you drink happily and more comfortable.