Tianjin: build a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network with 3 axes, 2 corridors and 4 hubs

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The original title:A few days ago, Tianjin issued the implementation Plan of Implementing the Outline of National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning in Tianjin (hereinafter referred to as the Plan).The forward direction of the construction and development of tianjin comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network in the next 15 and 30 years is clarified.By 2035, Tianjin will basically build a modern and high-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network that is convenient, smooth, economical and efficient, green and intensive, intelligent and advanced, safe and reliable.According to the plan, by 2035, tianjin will be a world-class wisdom green hub port, the international aviation logistics center, the port cargo capacity will reach 750 million tons, container capacity will reach 35 million teu, airport passenger throughput will reach 70 million person-time, the annual throughput capacity will reach 1.5 million tons ofIt can reach major cities in China within 3 hours, and deliver goods within 1 day in China, 2 days in neighboring countries and 3 days in major cities around the world.The length of high-speed railways will reach 830 kilometers, and the length of expressways and general national and provincial highways will reach 4,800 kilometers. It will be possible to commute between Beijing, Tianjin and Xiongmen in 30 minutes, connect passengers to major cities in the region in one hour, and deliver goods within three hours.An extensive urban and rural transportation network will be built, enabling fast access to cities within 20 minutes, bus stations within 10 minutes for towns and administrative villages, and expressways within 15 minutes for towns;The development level of smart and green transportation will lead the country, and the transportation sector will reach carbon peak ahead of schedule.By 2050, Tianjin will take the lead in building itself into a transportation city that the people are satisfied with, with strong security, and ranks among the top in the world, and fully support its transformation into a modern socialist metropolis.1 with 3 axis 2 corridor construction to the integration of comprehensive traffic main skeleton according to the plan, tianjin will build “1 bring 3 axis 2 gallery” three-dimensional transport of main frame, by high-speed inter-city (rural), main PuTie, xiamen city railway, highway, ordinary GuoShengDao key line of support construction of beijing-tianjin-hebei urban agglomeration world class.”Belt 1″ is the Beijing-Tianjin-Binhai traffic belt, connecting the “Twin cities” of Tianjin and Tianjin with Beijing, connecting the border corridor and China-Mongolia-Russia economic Corridor to the northwest, connecting the national main axis of beijing-Tianjin-Hebei – Yangtze River Delta to the south, adding beijing-Binhai railway, Jin-Xing Railway, Jin-Wuhan Municipal (suburban) railway, Tanglangexpressway, etc.The transportation belt consists of 4 high-speed intercity railways, 3 municipal (suburban) railways, 5 expressways, 2 general railway trunk lines and 2 general national roads.”3 axes” are tianjin – Shanghai, Coastal and Tianjin – Xiong traffic axes respectively.The traffic axis between Tianjin and Shanghai passes through “Jincheng”, Wuqing, Beichen, Xiqing and Jinghai, connecting Shanghai, adding jincang intercity and reserved to Shanghai high-speed maglev channel, forming 2 high-speed intercity rail, 3 expressways, 1 Railway line, 2 ordinary national road traffic axis.The coastal transport axis passes through bincheng, Ninghe and Jinnan to connect the coastal areas. The new Jinwei high-speed railway and bohai Inter-city railway have formed three inter-city high-speed railways, three expressways, one general railway trunk line and two general national roads.The transportation axis of Tianjin and Tianjin will be expanded to include jinxiongintercity highway and Jinxiongtrunk highway, and extend The Jinba Railway to Xushui, Laiyuan and Zhangjiakou, forming two high-speed intercity railway, three expressways, two main railway lines and three ordinary national and provincial roads.”Corridor 2″ is the Beijing-Harbin traffic corridor, Tianjin chengcheng traffic corridor.”Sea, air, iron, post” creating comprehensive radiation global three-dimensional traffic pivotal to the future, will strengthen the international hub port of tianjin, the international air cargo hub, and international postal express hub of the global allocation of resources ability, strengthen the railway hub area transport organization function, form the four main comprehensive transportation, building radiation global comprehensive three-dimensional traffic pivotal,To build a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei international comprehensive transport hub cluster with Beijing and Tianjin as the center and shijiazhuang, Xiongan and other cities linked.Tianjin Port will build a pattern of “one port and eight zones” and become an important support for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, an important fulcrum for the Belt and Road Initiative, an important platform for the deep integration of land and sea, and a modern international hub port.We will build a transport network that links inland and offshore areas and provides mutual benefits from both east and west. It will link the Bohai Sea, closely connect Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, extensively connect Europe, Europe and Australia, expand the “Ice Silk Road”, and connect the three Northern regions and the China-Mongolia-Russia economic Corridor on the land.Tianjin binhai international airport will build a “three terminals, the runway, three cargo area” operation pattern, expanding “region” all the way along the countries and regions, Europe and the United States Australia international routes, and stronger, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia routes, introducing jing-bin high-speed rail, etc., form a comprehensive transportation hub, together to build a world-class airport and Beijing, shijiazhuang group.The railway will build a passenger transport hub system of “three main and three auxiliary nodes” and a freight transport hub system of “one central and multiple stations” to jointly build a national railway hub with Beijing.Postal express will build a four-level service network for international, municipal, peripheral and terminal services, build a full-carrier postal express transportation system of “road + railway + air + water”, and jointly build an international postal express cluster in The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region with Beijing and Xiongan.(Reporter Wan Hong) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Share let more people see